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New MIT Business Plan Competition Takes on the Arts

Bloomberg Businessweek article by Francesca Di Meglio gives a good insight into the new MIT Business Plan Competition focusing on “innovative use of the arts as a core component of business plans … an extension of MIT’s annual $100K Entrepreneurship Competition:.


MIT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More info here.


Rwanda: Why Culture Is Essential for Tourism

Flag-map of Rwanda

Flag-map of Rwanda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An article by Philippe Mwema Bahati, gives an idea on how cultural businesses can help social and environmental problems caused by poverty to be given a chance through tourism.

I quote: “…Yet to turn culture into a tourism commodity, it should be available, as Bart Gasana, the chairperson of the chamber of tourism in the Private Sector Federation pointed out. He remarked that currently culture is too much stuck in museums, which is why the chamber is working closely with museums to see how to promote culture. Gasana argued that the private sector should be at the vanguard, by organizing cultural happenings. One of the possibilities he suggested was a cultural village, and some of those already exist. The one in Kinigi, Musanze, set up in 2005 and called Iby’Iwacu, is rather special, since it is run by former poachers.”

More info here.

The Silk Road Project


The first Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge was held through the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab) during the 2012-2013 school year. This program drew on the combined expertise of the Harvard Business School (HBS), the Division of Arts and Humanities in the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences (FAS), and the Silk Road Project.

Find out more on MUSEY, Midas Touch, Culturally and Music+1 projects here.

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