Benefit Corporations

While looking for the existing different kinds of corporations and laws under which an enterprise can function, I came across the "Benefit Corporation".  It is so impressive how doing business changes slowly and how initiating change takes serious law changes. I initially found the info on a Forbes article by B Lab Co-Founders Jay Coen Gilbert, … Continue reading Benefit Corporations


REMIX: Culture | Technology | Entrepreneurship

Through the "The Cultural Entrepreneurship Group" on LinkedIn, I found this interesting publication entitled "REMIX: Culture | Technology | Entrepreneurship". It is co-authored by CultureLabel & Guardian Culture Professionals Network. The link to the publication can be found here.                      

@Diversity project

@Diversity Project The Pilot Project "@ Diversity – Innovative Ideas for the cultural and creative sector in Europe" is an initiative funded by the European Union. Its implementation is entrusted to the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission which, following an open call for tender, awarded the contract to a … Continue reading @Diversity project