Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries

In the journal "New Library World", Vol. 107 Iss: 9/10, pp.434 - 443, one can find an interesting document by Jelke Nijboer, (The Institute of Media and Information Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), entitle "Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries". [...] Purpose – The purpose of this research is to show how librarians today need to be cultural … Continue reading Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries


Incubating Culture

An interesting paper entitled "Incubating Culture. On cultural entrepreneurship and business development" by Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl, ACEI is summarised as follows through the Arts Investment Forum website: "This paper draws attention to recent political plans on stimulating the cultural and creative industries, and discusses some critiques and challenges it faces, as a context for the … Continue reading Incubating Culture

Painting equality: female artists as cultural entrepreneurial marketers

In the journal "Equal Opportunities International", Vol. 26 Iss: 7, pp.665 - 677, appears a very interesting document entitled "Painting equality: female artists as cultural entrepreneurial marketers", by Ruth Rentschler, (Centre for Leisure Management Research, Bowater School of Management and Marketing, Deakin University, Burwood, Australia). [...] Findings – The paper suggests that entrepreneurial marketing is … Continue reading Painting equality: female artists as cultural entrepreneurial marketers