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The Development of Cultural Entrepreneurship

In the “Asian Education and Development Studies journal” (Vol. 2 Iss: 3), there is an interesting article about “The Development of Cultural Entrepreneurship: Case Studies of Four Community Orchestras in Hong Kong”.

aedscoverAuthored by Chi Cheung Leung, (The Hong Kong Institute of Education), the purpose of the paper is the following:

[…] “This study examines the development of four not-for-profit Chinese orchestras in Hong Kong, aiming to identify their key characteristics in management and operational practices, and highlight a probable proposal on how the concept of cultural entrepreneurship could be brought about for the growth of an orchestra”.

More info here.


Romantso collaborative space for the creatives, Athens, Greece

A promissing new collaborative space for the Creatives has recently been launch (27-09-2013) under the management of a recognized cultural space in Athens, Greece called BIOS. BIOS is “Athens’ centre for today’s art and cross media. BIOS is a flexible multi functional space including 2 live music venues, 4 bars, theatre/performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, graphic design office, cinema and installation space.”


The space will be housed in Bios’s new building in down-town Athens called “Romantso”, an old publishing house turned cultural space.

The organizers, in an attempt to attract young creatives (18 to 28 years old), have launched a competition call for the submission of a photo-book. The call is open until October 30th, midnight. The winner will be offered 8 months of free hosting in the collaborative space.

The event is sponsored by Vodafone CU and the competition is launched under the name “cu restartup Romantso“.

More info (in Greek) here.

Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship

An interesting reading can be found in “The Engaged Scholar Magazine” of the Michigan State University entitled “Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship” (Volume 3, Summer 2008). Its author, C. Kurt Dewhurst, Department of English at the College of Arts and Letters of MSU, talks about […] “leveraging Michigan’s creative talent”.


Here is an abstract:

“Michigan has embraced the power of the creativity economy and has been a leader in reinventing state government by creating an Office of Cultural Economic Development in the Department of History, Arts, and Libraries. This office has worked across state government to create the “Cool Cities” initiative and other innovative strategies to retain and attract the “creative class.”

[…] In the words of Betty Boone, director of the Office of Cultural Economic Development, “Growing entrepreneurship and jobs is a primary objective of the Cultural Economic Development Strategy to leverage Michigan’s creative talent and cultural assets to spur economic growth and build community prosperity” (2006, p. 1).”

For more information, click here.


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