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The creative economy could fuel Australia’s next boom

In this very interesting article, by Stuart Cunningham from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, the author reveals the possibilities the Creative Economy can offer to boost Australian economy since the slowing of the economy in terms of trade. He points out to alternative sources of economic growth potential.

Particularly, he talks about the Australian story, the role of the Government and how design thinking can promote  business applications.

To read the full article, click here.



@Diversity winning ideas

On August 23rd 2013, I had published a post about the “@Diversity project” which is an initiative funded by the European Union. The @diversity Idea Competition was launched in May 2013 and inspired more than 660 individuals and institutions from all EU Member States to get involved. More than 250 ideas were put forward for this first competition.


This week, during the European Culture Forum held in Brussels, Belgium, the @diversity Awards were announced to 12 winner ideas. The @diversity Awards cover four categories: ‘make culture’, ‘spread culture’, ‘access culture’, and ‘young culture’. The 12 winners are:


Eurobarometer special survey on “Cultural access and participation”

This week, the Eurobarometer has published a new report on “Cultural access and participation”.

eurobarometerWhile trying to figure out some of the important findings of this report, I tried to compare between the different countries, one of the reasons EU citizens consume less cultural products: lack of money.

Below are my comparisons from the data given by the Eurobarometer service per country. I have focused on question “2. BARRIERS TO ACCESSING CULTURE” and in particular, on the answer “Too expensive” given for not being involved in specific cultural activities. The results are interesting yet rather expected considering the devastating results of the economic crisis on the European societies.

As it turns out, cultural consumption is “Too expensive” for most of the activities for Greeks, Hungarians, Spanish and Portuguese among other Europeans. See the results below.


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