The dream merchants and the sultans of sound

CulEnt and Bollywood.

Phd in Strategic Management


Talking to the Bollywood experts (pictured with the Oscar winner Resul Pookutty) was exciting and productive. A slew of producers, distributors, financiers, and others shed light on many of my intuitions and informed my models, making them more accurate. Here are some assorted insights shared by some of my interviewees during my stay in Maharashtra for the past 2 weeks:

–          Music and sound: ever-important, yet the new playground: There is no doubt that song and dance is the identity of Bollywood movies. North and South Indian folk music as well as poetry have been a part of our history for a long time; they came together, serendipitously, in Bollywood. This is the identity and it is what sets apart Bollywood movies from the rest. However, only recently have people recognized that good sound can also be good production value. The music industry has now become a huge portion of…

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Platform for creative entrepreneurship – EntreNord

Through the European Creative Industries Alliance website, I found out about a new platform for creative entrepreneurs. As it is stated in the article, this initiative has been launched by KreaNord. "KreaNord is a Nordic initiative designed to improve the growth prospect for the region’s cultural and creative industries. The work is carried out … Continue reading Platform for creative entrepreneurship – EntreNord

Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal

Some time ago, I came across a PhD Thesis by Jenny Fatou MBAYE, a UNESCO African Specialist entitled "Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship: Hip Hop Music Economy and Social Change in Senegal, Francophone West Africa" (LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, London, July 2011). The author speaks about contradictions of the music economy and about the … Continue reading Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal