Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #1 culent@athens talk

Finally, the day has come for the 1st Cultural Entrepreneurship talk entitled 'CULENT@ATHENS', taking place in ROMANTSO in downtown Athens.         PROGRAM 1st talk – Tuesday 29 April, 19-21.00 Theme: Cultural Entrepreneurship to be defined   19-20.00 Talks Intro: What is Cultural Entrepreneurship after all? Maria-Louiza Laopodi, – CulturePolis 1. What … Continue reading Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #1 culent@athens talk

REMIX Summit

A very important and interesting event is soon taking place in Sydney, Australia. It is the REMIX Summit, happening from 8 till 9 May 2014.       I got to this info through the Visual ArtsHub website, where I read an interesting interview from the Managing Partner of, Peter Tullin, the force behind … Continue reading REMIX Summit

Cultural indicators for Australia

As part of my ongoing research about cultural entrepreneurship, I have understood the value of indicators and statistics and the power of data (numbers) interpretation. Numbers speak to finance people and finance people make decisions about where the funding (money) goes to. Only recently national authorities have started collecting cultural data and initiated a public … Continue reading Cultural indicators for Australia