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Cultural Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria

During the 2014 World Culture Day organised by the Oyo State Council for Arts and Culture in collaboration with National Institute for Cultural Orientation, (NICO), the Oyo State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Adetutu Adeyemi, has urged the Yoruba to preserve their culture to prevent its extinction. The theme of the celebration was “Cultural Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria.’’

Also speaking, an official of NICO, Mr. George Kayode, stressed the need for the Yoruba to encourage cultural actors and players to become entrepreneurs. “[…] We need to help our cultural actors and players, especially the young ones to turn their skills and talents into vocation.”

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Expert Arts – Cultural Entrepreneurship

Expert Arts is a new professional and business development initiative of the Ministry for the Arts in Victoria, Australia.

One of the events to be held next week is the “Expert Arts – Cultural Entrepreneurship” on August 05, 2014 at 16:00 at the ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne.

More info below:

WHAT: How one UK arts organisation has led the way in building financial success – a real world case study. Speaker – Jim Beirne, Chief Executive, Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne
100 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, VIC 3004


More events and info and FREE registration here.

UPDATE – 16 August 2014

Check the video here showing the speaker’s presentation and voice over (duration 42:54).

CulEnt for Museum Leaders

As I am looking for institutions and other types or organizations working on CulEnt, I came across ‘The Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship for Museum Leaders’, located in Cooperstone, State of New York, USA (not NY town).

“The award-winning Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship is an immersion program for mid-career museum, preservation, historic site and other arts and culture professionals designed to introduce business applications and principles of entrepreneurial thinking with the goal of expanding vision and leadership skills.”

ICE is an annual program for which professionals can apply every year by May 1st. It trains museum professionals in creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. It is a four day intensive program which brings museum professionals from all walks of life to ICE.

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