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re:publica 2014 and CulEnt

I watched a very interesting video lately; an interview of Andreas Gebhard, Co-founder of the re:publica conference in Berlin by the Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin. What caught most my attention is the part of the interview at 25:00 about idea generation and at 30:00 about politicians vs entrepreneurship.


re:publica is a yearly conference held in Berlin and tapping into digital world themes.

“Since its founding in 2007, re:publica has developed from a bloggers meet-up into one of the world’s most important festivals for the digital society.

[…] It is the heterogeneous mix of participants which creates the unique atmosphere and environment at every re:publica and is so crucial to a technology inspired conference. In 2013, 450 speakers from over 30 countries took to the stage at re:publica, where activists, coders, artists, business people and representatives and many others from different walks of life and creative backgrounds come together. Furthermore, nearly half of re:publica’s guests are female – few other events within this area of interest can show-off a similarly balanced guest participation.”

Link to the video here (duration 34:10).


Declaration of the Organization of American States 2014

The 4th annual edition of the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Inter-American Meeting took place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and was concluded on August 13, 2014.


Ministers and senior officials with responsibility for Culture from 23 OAS member countries took part in the two-day meeting, as well as representatives of the private sector, academia, civil society and high-level experts.

[…] “This year’s edition of the OAS gathering ran under the theme “Cultural Interdependence in the Context of Globalization”. […] In the Declaration, the cultural authorities committed to working with partner ministries, the OAS and other concerned institutions to establish the Citadelle Cultural Cooperation Program, which will “offer training opportunities and cultural exchanges for young entrepreneurs working in the area of development of cultural products and services.”
Furthermore, they pledged to “exchange experiences and support public policies that encourage cultural entrepreneurship, the development of systems related to improving the capture of data and measurement of the contribution of culture to the economy, and the design of cultural programs that contribute to the development of local communities with social inclusion and innovation.”
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