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Power Shift – Becoming an Artist Entrepreneur

Last September 2014, at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, a series of talks was launched with an interesting first talk: “Power Shift– Becoming an Artist Entrepreneur”.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

The event includes talks and professional development activities for artists and designers looking to brand, build, and grow their creative enterprises.

More info here and upcoming talks in this series here.



The Americas Cultural Entrepreneurship Award

Last December, the Young Americas Business Trust has published a new award called “The Americas Cultural Entrepreneurship Award”.


Young people between the age of 18 and 34 who have an innovative project or business idea in the cultural sector are invited to apply. The deadline to register is February 6, 2015.

For more info click here.

For more information and to register your project, please visit

A guide to becoming an art entrepreneur

I read this really nice article in the Euronews Generation Y Culture blog. It talks about how to become an art entrepreneur. Its title “Let the wallflower bloom: my guide to becoming an art entrepreneur” is intriguing and the way it’s written seems like a 5-step guide.

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Check it out here.

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