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Why Europeana means opportunity for cultural entrepreneurs

Looking for presentations about culent, I found this one by Europeana, the largest digital cultural library in Europe. It talks about the potential this digital library can offer to cultural entrepreneurs and the way it can be used to leverage the capacity of millions of digital archives. is an internet portal that acts as an interface to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitized throughout Europe. More than 2,000 institutions across Europe have contributed to Europeana. These range from major international names like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the British Library and the Louvre to regional archives and local museums from every member of the European Union. Together, their assembled collections let users explore Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage from prehistory to the modern day.



Online Workshop: Cultural Entrepreneurship

The University of British Columbia Continuing Studies Program offers this Thursday 12 February an Online Workshop on CulEnt.

“This online workshop focuses on the essence, uniqueness and importance of cultural entrepreneurship in the overall strategic management and policy-making process. An important aspect of the workshop is intrapreneurship in the cultural sector and how to manage internal innovations in a systematic way.”

Standard Fee: $240

Three scheduled online sessions. Thu Feb 12, Feb 19 & Feb 26, 10am-12noon PDT

Registration closes Feb 12, 2015.

For more info, click here.


E³ 2014: 3 Cultural Industries, 3 Entrepreneurs, 3 Hours

I really liked this event I saw through the University of the West Indies (UWI) website. The university is in Trinidad and Tobago and lately, I come more often across news from the Caribbean about the Creative Economy and its potential for local economic development.

The event is entitled “E³ 2014: 3 Cultural Industries, 3 Entrepreneurs, 3 Hours” and tool place on 31 October 2014 at the University Campus.

“You are invited to experience an interactive encounter with Cultural Industry Entrepreneurs; get up close and personal with young entrepreneurs who have positively impacted on their respective sectors and are actively developing our Cultural Industries. Meet them. Chat with them. Question them. Engage them.”

For more info, click here.


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