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2015 survey on International Entrepreneurship in the Arts

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies IFACCA is offering online the 2015 survey on International Entrepreneurship in the Arts D’Art 48 which presents the results of a 2015 survey on International Entrepreneurship in the Arts, disseminated among its members.

IFACCA dart48

D’Art 48: International Entrepreneurship in the Arts, source:

The report has a list of examples of government support for international entrepreneurship in the arts which is quite limited but might be of use to some professionals. See page 10.

I can’t really tell how useful is this data as it comes from different professionals and seems based on estimations of those respondents rather than proven data but I invite you to check on your own.

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stART It Up: Cultural Entrepreneurship Forum

ACM Connects, an initiative of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media of the University of Toronto, Canada that supports the departmental academic curriculum by presenting a range of artistic, cultural, and scholarly programming each year, is organizing next Wednesday 8 February a panel and workshop entitled ‘stART It Up: Cultural Entrepreneurship Forum’.

The panel of community and alumni ‘Cultural Entrepreneurs’ will try to help participants “understand more about this rapidly growing field and to see how they can be a part of it. The talk will be followed by a workshop and small group discussion. The organizers are inviting participants to bring their ideas and explore how they can ‘stART It Up’ too.”

For more info on the ACM Connects program, click here.

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