New Arts Incubator in Georgetown, USA

Last April, a historic property in Georgetown, DC, USA, the Fillmore School, has been sold to the S&R Foundation, which plans to turn it into an arts incubator, according to a news release from the foundation. The news release says “S&R Foundation, a nonprofit supporting talented individuals in the arts, sciences and social entrepreneurship, intends … Continue reading New Arts Incubator in Georgetown, USA

Incubators for Cultural Enterprises

Some time ago, and as I was looking for Incubators for cultural companies, I found an EU funded project entitled “I.C.E. Incubators for Cultural Enterprises“. ICE is a project financed by the MED Programme – a programme of European territorial cooperation for the Mediterranean, integrating its Axis 1: “Strengthening innovation capacities”. The project partners come … Continue reading Incubators for Cultural Enterprises