LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

EACCI – European Association of Cultural and Creative Industries
We aim to promote and increase the economic and social impact of creative and cultural industries by supporting artists and entrepreneurs in this field, and acting as a catalyst for urban/rural regeneration through creativity and culture.

Entrepreneurship in arts education
Here educators, artists, reseachers and entrepreneurs can share experiences, ideas and challenges within entrepreneurship in arts education.
The network is initiated by CAKI Center for Applied Artistic Innovation.
One of CAKI’s key goals is to contribute to strengthening student’s opportunities to unleash their artistic potential in the context of entrepreneurship.
At CAKI we understand entrepreneurship as the concept of strengthening students’ and graduates’ professional capabilities as well as their enterprising mindset.

Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship
A group for the Alumni of the Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship at Cooperstown.

Institute of Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) Alumni
The Institute of Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) consists of a diverse group of young professionals from around globe. We’re interested in all aspects of the Creative Industries and specialties that include media, design, music and drama.
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International Summer School in Cultural Economics
The International Summer School is organized and led by professor Arjo Klamer, Chair of Economics of Art and Culture, Erasmus University. The courses examine the relationship between culture and economics, the link between creativity, arts, and business, and bridge the knowledge and experiences of scholars and practitioners involved in specific cultural sectors.

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Group
This group facilitates discussion about cultural entrepreneurship, as an economic activity and academic discipline, and contributes to further shaping the curricular design, extracurricular activities and community outreach of Cultural Entrepreneurship B.A. and graduate programs around the world.
Furthermore, this group shares information about interesting developments in the creative sector of the economy, scholarship in cultural entrepreneurship and trends in all areas of the culture industry, including media, sports, food and beverage industries, tourism and more.


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