Business development for creatives

Delivering creative work is great, but how can we multiply our work and scale what we are doing? In this section, I have gathered programs and spaces offering support to setting up and launcing a creative business. Most of those organizations take techniques from the startup sector and adapt them to the cultural and creative professions. Many traditional startup programs have tried to do this the other way round, that is for creative teams to adapt to startup structures but it doesnt always work.I have personal experience in this.

At the end of the day, business is business and you can’t get any income unless you sell your work to someone. Alternatively, follow the queue for the traditional fundraising.

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Co-working spaces

1. Village Underground Lisboa
Village Underground (VU) is an international platform for culture and creativity, which was created in London in 2007 and reached Lisbon in 2014. It is also a coworking community and a creative events destination. Its unique architectural structure is made from shipping containers and double decker buses, recycled into office spaces, a restaurant and conference room. A landmark in the Lisbon landscape, Village Underground is home to a new creative community in the city.



Creative Startups

Creative Startups is an entrepreneur accellerator program in Albuqerque, USA with satelite programs in other regions of the world. It is an accelerator program uniquely suited to startups scaling not just in their region, but across the world.

An intensive 8-week course includes both online course work/mentorship and an on-site Deep Dive Week with Demo Day and investor pitching, driving entrepreneurs to uncover the value in their own market instead of moving to a new region. Applicants are welcome to pick whichever location works best and have access to the global mentor network.


Creative industries accellerator program in Melbourn, Australia. Foundry658 is an intensive business program designed especially for creatives who are keen and ready to grow their creative business, or find a new business model for their work.