culent@athens #2

Cultural Entrepreneurship Talks

2nd talk – Thursday 15 May 2014, 18-21.00


Space: InnovAthens, TECHNOPOLIS City of Athens, 100, Pireos str., 11854 Athens

Theme: The ecosystem and business values

Photos of the event – Flickr link



18.00-19.30 Talks

Moderator intro – Video (in Greek)

1. Cultural production & Entertainment

Nikos Stefanidis, Cultural events and exhibitions’ organiser, Gaialive, Email:

2. Media focus on Entrepreneurship and Culture

– Nikos Ververidis, Founder, ΕΛculture, Email:

– Achilleas Hekimoglou, Journalist, TO VIMA, Email:

3. Cultural Startups

– George Papadakis, Founder, Filisia, Email:

– Daphne Tsevreni, Co-founder & Business Executive, ClioMuse, Email:

– Kostas Matsourdelis, Founder, Gastronomy Museum, Email:

4. Nonprofit Vs for profit cultural institutions

Hans Abbing, Visual Artist/Economist, Professor Emeritus in Art Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, Email:

5. Venture Capitals for cultural enterprises

Michael Dimitropoulos, Investment Manager, PJ Tech Catalyst fund, Email:

19.30-20.30 Discussion with participants



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