Organisations & Initiatives

Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship for Museum Leaders
A project of the Cooperstown Graduate Program, New York State Historical Association and the Museum Association of New York.

The Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge by the Harvard innovation lab
[…] Cultural Entrepreneurship unites artistic and entrepreneurial visions to create and maintain ventures with the financial, social, and organizational infrastructure necessary for arts and artists to survive and thrive.
The Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge calls upon visionary and entrepreneurial students to develop solutions for expanding the role of the arts in society and supporting arts and artists in a sustainable manner.

Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin
[…] The Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute promotes understanding of the culture we have inherited and apply in our daily lives – humanism based on freedom and tolerance – as a driving factor behind innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in industry, trade and corporate activity. We formulate ethical criteria for business, politics and the arts, and device models for financing cultural work.

Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship (GCCE)
[…] Advancing cultural entrepreneurs, building cultural economies.


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