1. Cultural Entrepreneurship Talks



‘Creativity’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are two words that form part of the new crisis-jargon in the cultural sphere and beyond in what is globally now called the ‘creative economy’.

Participants will get a complete picture of entrepreneurship in the area of culture. They will listen to and discuss the latest developments in the economy of

 – The art market,
– Cultural institutions
– The promotion of cultural goods and
– Culture across markets
– Cultural & Creative Startups
– Companies and other entities that support incumbents in Cultural Entrepreneurship
– Venture Capital firms that invest in cultural industries and
– Collaborative spaces/Startup incubators

The talks will focus on Cultural Entrepreneurship: what it is, who are the players, how is it being developed, mutations of the creative economy, historical changes in the common European cultural consciousness etc. New efforts in creative arts will be investigated as well as how the Athenian Metropolis and its rich ecosystem of established companies, institutions and creators affect the evolution of this type of entrepreneurial activity.

Links to the events in Athens:

culent@athens #1

culent@athens #2

culent@athens #3

culent@athens #4

culent@athens #5

The culent@athens team




The next series of talks will happen next season in Croatia through the collaboration with Jesenka Ricl, and her organization Croatian Association of Cultural Tourism. Stay tuned for more info!



El meeting show de la transformacion creativa

Zinc Shower is the biggest professional event of the Collaborative Economy and Creative Transformation whose for the edition happened on 19 and 20 of May 2016 in the headquarters of the COAM in Madrid, Spain. (Translated from original text in Spanish)

For more info click here.

3. Makegood Festival


A festival of culture, creativity & entrepreneurship
Makegood Festival is an extravaganza boasting a vast, indie pop-up market of over 200 brand new creative businesses. Alongside this, Makegood will play host to a series of punchy talks and debates from an unexpected lineup of the world’s most fascinating creative minds. So why not pop in to our big, beautiful melting pot of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship.
It is organized by the School for Creative Startups to celebrate their students and the culmination of their year of training and hard work.
For more info, click here.




From the Creators of, REMIX explores the intersection between Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Tackling the big issues facing the cultural sector through our Global Summits and Academy training.

“We [] created REMIX as platform for this type of thinking and to be a bridge, connecting the different sectors together.”

For more info, click here.


Darker Music Talks


Darker Music Talks helps musicians become entrepreneurs. It’s a series of free events in London that brings independent musicians and music knowledge keepers together, in a chance for a constructive dialogue. The future belongs to educated Musicpreneurs.

For more info, click here.


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