Cultural Tourism DC

Washington DC
Washington DC (Photo credit: ktylerconk)

DC Culture & Heritage

To many, Washington, DC is the nation’s and the world’s political powerhouse. But DC is much more than that. DC is rich in culture and heritage as evidenced by the spectrum of historic sites and cultural institutions found in every neighborhood in the city.

DC is brimming with art, music, dance, and museums and theaters of every type. These cultural and heritage organizations are members of Cultural Tourism DC.

Cultural Tourism DC, along with its more than 230 member organizations, develop, deliver and celebrate real experiences for Washington area residents and visitors.

These real experiences can be found in every neighborhood in the city. You can find them as you explore a neighborhood Heritage Trail, celebrate international culture during Passport DC or discover some of the city’s hidden treasures during WalkingTown DC.

These real experiences can be found in DC’s art galleries and museums, in its parks and gardens, and in its concert halls and theaters. Visiting any one of our more than 230 members will provide you a rich and enjoyable experience. And we make it easy for you. Sign up for our weekly Events Update to receive the latest listing of cultural and heritage activities and events in the city.

Our city’s unique culture and heritage is the reason Washington, DC consistently ranks as the premier sightseeing destination in the U.S.

Come explore and see for yourself the intricately woven cultural cloth that is Washington, DC.


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