Romantso collaborative space for the creatives, Athens, Greece

A promissing new collaborative space for the Creatives has recently been launch (27-09-2013) under the management of a recognized cultural space in Athens, Greece called BIOS. BIOS is “Athens’ centre for today’s art and cross media. BIOS is a flexible multi functional space including 2 live music venues, 4 bars, theatre/performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, graphic design office, cinema and installation space.”


The space will be housed in Bios’s new building in down-town Athens called “Romantso”, an old publishing house turned cultural space.

The organizers, in an attempt to attract young creatives (18 to 28 years old), have launched a competition call for the submission of a photo-book. The call is open until October 30th, midnight. The winner will be offered 8 months of free hosting in the collaborative space.

The event is sponsored by Vodafone CU and the competition is launched under the name “cu restartup Romantso“.

More info (in Greek) here.


Any comments?

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