Art in the Transition to Another Economy

A very insightful reading is a “Fresh Perspectives Paper 2” publication entitled “The Invisible Hand: Art in the Transition to Another Economy”, by Charlie Tims & Shelagh Wright, published by IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts), British Council & Mission Models Money (2013).

theinvisiblehand‘The latest in IETM’s series of “Fresh Perspectives” publications takes a look at the relationship between art and economy. The authors link the ongoing economic crisis and its social and financial consequences to changes in the ways art is created and presented. Examples are given of artists who try to promote alternative ways of living and construct alternative forms of economies through projects such as crowdsourced publishing of poetry, representation of alternate realities through temporary communities made out of cardboard, and “time-banking” through use of “time- dollars” or “time-credits” instead of regular money. They believe that this is a reaction to economic inequality and the failure of politics to provide solutions, and that the future role of art will be to challenge the status quo from a moral and practical standpoint.’

To download the publication, please visit this link.


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