culent@athens – Cultural Entrepreneurship@Athens, Greece

I would like to present a new series of events entitled culent@athens, aka Cultural Entrepreneurship@Athens, that will roll out throughout this spring in Athens, Greece.





The events are organized in collaboration with CulturePolis (NGO), EURICCA asbl and the European Music Day, and will take place in Athens, Greece in a limited number of sessions that will be shortly announced through this blog.

The idea behind the meetings:
‘Creativity ‘ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are two words that form part of the new crisis-jargon in the cultural sphere and beyond in what is globally now called the ‘creative economy’.

The events will focus on Cultural Entrepreneurship: what it is, who are the players, how is it being developed, mutations of the creative economy, historical changes in the common European cultural consciousness etc. New efforts in creative arts will be investigated as well as how the Athenian Metropolis and its rich ecosystem of established companies, investors and institutions affect the evolution of this type of entrepreneurial activity.

Participants will get a complete picture of entrepreneurship in the area of culture. They will listen to and discuss the latest developments in the economy of

– The art market

– Cultural institutions

– The promotion of cultural goods

– Culture across markets

– Cultural & Creative Startups

– Companies and other entities that support incumbents in Cultural Entrepreneurship

– Venture Capital firms that invest in cultural industries and

– Collaborative spaces/startup incubators


For more info, click here.


Any comments?

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