Cultural Entrepreneurship strategies in Iran

While searching for CULENT reading, I found a research paper entitled “CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP STRATEGIES IN IRAN“, published at the Serbian Journal of Management 5 [(2) (2010) 227-241].

sjm_logoThe paper is authored by Esmaeil Kavousy, Ali Shahhosseini, Soheila Kiasi and Fateme Tohidy Ardahaey from the Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

The research has included 2000 active cultural-artistic institutions across Iran of which 40 were selected to answer specific questionnaires and have interviews with the researchers. Those, were also the institutions whose managers participated in seminars held by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and had the status of entrepreneur institutes as it is stated in the paper. Unfortunately, the paper does not give any other info on the seminars or the kind of status of the organizations.

Some of the results presented showcase that “[…] institutions are not in compliance with their environment, they do not have the suitable facilities to react against external threats and also, they are not very successful in taking advantage of environment opportunities.”

For the full paper, read here.


Any comments?

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