Harvard i-lab: Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge finalists

At the Harvard innovation lab (i-lab), the Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge has announced its finalists: ‘Harvard University announced 18 student-led teams as finalists in three deans’ innovation competitions focused on cultural entrepreneurship, health and life sciences, and urban design. Hosted by the i-lab, the challenges drew 124 proposals from across 12 schools, each articulating a plan to tackle a pressing issue facing society.’










The finalists are:

  • Gapelia is a long-form publishing platform that lets storytellers –journalists, artists, scientists, scholars, innovators – create their own digital publications and connect directly with paying subscribers.
  • Iconic Energy Consulting transforms renewable energy projects into cultural icons, creating a public dialogue through art and civic engagement.
  • PIVOT (Palestine Israel Visual Optimization Tool) is a cutting edge interactive mobile application that reveals to users’ images, videos, and information based on a specific location in a specific time period within modern and ancient Palestinian history.
  • SPOUTS of Water aims to create a sustainable workspace for Ugandan potters to carry on the long-lived tradition of pottery in Uganda and be part of SPOUTS’ mission to increase access to clean water in Uganda by sustainably producing and supplying effective and affordable ceramic water filters.
  • Worldi is a local discovery interface that helps urbanites explore music and dance from around the world.
  • YapZap lets you record, share, and play up to 10-seconds of audio and create a mosaic of conversation on any topic (gallery, song, play, TV).

For more info and to visit the Challenge’s page, click here.


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