REMIX Summit

A very important and interesting event is soon taking place in Sydney, Australia. It is the REMIX Summit, happening from 8 till 9 May 2014.





I got to this info through the Visual ArtsHub website, where I read an interesting interview from the Managing Partner of, Peter Tullin, the force behind REMIX.

“This is the first of the REMIX Summits to be presented outside of London, following its two sell-out successes at Google UK and Bloomberg UK last year. Following Sydney, REMIX heads to New York in September, and later in 2015 talks are set on Dubai and Tokyo to join the circuit.”

As the author, Gina Fairley, states in her article, “Cultural entrepreneurship is the new future and you can meet those leading the field at this global summit to be held in Sydney.” I couldn’t agree more with her and wish I could attend this and the ones to come.

For more info, click here.



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