New Arts Incubator in Georgetown, USA

Last April, a historic property in Georgetown, DC, USA, the Fillmore School, has been sold to the S&R Foundation, which plans to turn it into an arts incubator, according to a news release from the foundation. The news release says “S&R Foundation, a nonprofit supporting talented individuals in the arts, sciences and social entrepreneurship, intends to use the building as an arts incubator, which will serve as a platform to grow talented artists in the fields of fine, visual and performing arts, maintaining the educational use of the building and its place as part of the vibrant arts landscape in the nation’s capital.”

There are more and more arts and cultural incubators sprouting all over the world in the past years, especially since more and more governments are recognizing the economic benefits of the arts professions. Yet, I am very skeptical on how those systems can or will be able to empower cultural entrepreneurs in their local communities. There are more of those news to be shared in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

More info, click here.

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