Unlearning Talks series

Tune into a series of virtual conversations that aims to open the discussion on how to develop resilience in changing environments and sustain sociocultural work in the wider region of South Eastern Europe. The Unlearning Talks is part of the concluding events of the program START – Create Cultural Change and builds on its vast knowledge and networks. For five consecutive years, the capacity building and fellowship program supported 150 creative minds to kick-start cultural initiatives that generate a positive social impact, engaging more than 25.000 citizens in their local communities all around Greece.

Throughout these years, START Fellows were facing multiple challenges in their sociocultural quest, stemming from the economic, the refugee, and environmental crisis. Combined, these challenges made practices that harness resilience key to their efforts. The covid-19 crisis has emphasized the diachronic value of resilient models of practice, including the challenge of un-learning established practices and re-learning new ones. In practice this means adapting to challenges as they arise, at the same time shifting perspectives to capture emerging opportunities as well.

The event will take place ONLINE for free. If you would like to share your story, pose questions or simply watch the Unlearning Talks, register here!