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In the recent entactSCHOLAR blog, I came across an interesting paper based on a study in Estonia. It is entitled “The role of entrepreneurial competencies in entrepreneurship education in the field of culture management” and can be found under the category ‘Teaching Experiences’. The paper is by Marju Mäger, Tiiu Männiste, Andres Rõigas of the Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy.

The authors present the case of research on entrepreneurship education in Estonia since 2015 and how it affects in secondary school and university level the way students perform in other matters. In addition to this, it shares data on how university graduates who completed this education perform in their early careers and how they perceive the value of this education in their first professional steps.

The finding I thought was most interesting is about interdisciplinary merging of this type of education with other types of education. […] “Therefore, in a simplified way, we dare to claim that considering the sustainable development of economy, it is more practical to teach entrepreneurship as an additional option to whichever program or specialty, bringing out its accompanying strengths and opportunities.”