The GR Reporter says there is a “Decline in cultural tourism in Greece”

Decline in cultural tourism in Greece

Despite the global importance of historical and cultural monuments in Greece, there is a decline in cultural tourism in the country. In addition to the beaches, the Acropolis, Delphi, the ancient theatres and archaeological sites are considered a major attraction for foreign visitors to Greece. However, according to foreign experts, they are presented to tourists in an unattractive way, which negatively affects the tourism business in the country. This explains the decline in the number of visits to places and sites of cultural and historical significance.

“People who come on holiday in Greece want to be entertained rather than educated,” said Johan Buchi, a special guest at the annual meeting of the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies. He is the chairman of the German Association of Travel Agents (DVR) and he visited Athens as a sign of consolidation of the relations between the two countries. […]

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