Resonance blog: “Haiti, Development Opportunity?”


It’s unlikely there’s a more tarnished place brand in the western hemisphere than Haiti’s. Beset by political instability and then disaster, the words ‘Haiti’ and ‘tourism’ sound about as compatible as ‘oil’ and ‘water’. But after facilitating a visioning workshop in Port au Prince for the Ministry of Tourism and Groupe IBI/DA this past week, we think Haiti just might be the Caribbean’s next great development opportunity.

To be sure, there are monumental challenges to overcome. Popular media has entrenched our view of Haiti as being desperately poor, but it is rich not only in culture but in creativity – its artisans produce stunningly original work in a variety of media from metal to papier mâché. While Haiti may be off the resort industry map, it’s on trend and well positioned to cater to a new generation of travelers interested in more engaging experiences than the typical sand and sun, drop and flop Caribbean getaways. […]

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