China Kunshan Int’l Cultural Tourism Festival to open soon

Kunshan (昆山) 'old' town
Kunshan (昆山) ‘old’ town (Photo credit: thewamphyri)

The China Daily reports that the curtains will open on the 2013 China Kunshan International Cultural Tourism Festival, on April 26, in China’s foremost ‘water town’, Zhouzhuang, in Jiangsu province.

This year’s festival has an “Ecological tourism, beautiful Kunshan” theme and will have some really innovative activities, as well as an ecological tourism summit and forum, large bicycle travel event, industrial tourism along the Yangtze River, and a flower festival in the Tinglin Garden, to show the culture, history, an energetic modern face of Kunshan in an all-round way.

For more information can be found at the European Association of Folklore Festival page here.


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