Comedy and Cultural Entrepreneurship in Xu Zhuodai’s Huaji Shanghai

I recently found an unusual piece of reading about Comedy and Cultural Entrepreneurship! The piece is entitled "Comedy and Cultural Entrepreneurship in Xu Zhuodai’s Huaji Shanghai" by Christopher G. Rea can be found in the Modern Chinese Literature and Culture journal (vol. 20, no. 2 (Fall 2008), pp. 40-91). I quote from the abstract: "How … Continue reading Comedy and Cultural Entrepreneurship in Xu Zhuodai’s Huaji Shanghai

Insight into China’s creative industries

After a break from the culent@athens talks, I am back with great Cultural Entrepreneurship News :-). I'll start this week with a new report published giving companies looking to China for new business opportunities valuable information on the country’s cultural and creative industries. [...] ‘The China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013’ is an overview … Continue reading Insight into China’s creative industries

Touch Shanghai-Development of creative industry

In the Touch Shanghai website of the Municipality of Shanghai, a visitor can find info and contact details of 10 selected developments for the Creative Industries. It is an impressive promotion and work in the different creative disciplines. The 10 developments are: The Bridge 8 Creative iesCluster A Promising Land for Creative ies The Bridge … Continue reading Touch Shanghai-Development of creative industry