Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal

Some time ago, I came across a PhD Thesis by Jenny Fatou MBAYE, a UNESCO African Specialist entitled “Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship: Hip Hop Music Economy and Social Change in Senegal, Francophone West Africa” (LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, London, July 2011).

The author speaks about contradictions of the music economy and about the cultural economy and development in West Africa,
She also speaks about traditional entrepreneurial landscapes, cultural and creative innovation and cultural and creative entrepreneurship. Furthermore, there is a focus on local (Senegalese) cultural entrepreneurs and especially on Hip Hop music.
Apart from the strictly research approaches, the author situates musical practices in Francophone West Africa and talks about socioeconomic history of musical production, political economy of the cultural production and popular music.


Long but interesting reading, especially in light of the recent UNESCO Economy Report 2013.

The full thesis document can be accessed here: Mbaye_Reconsidering_cultural_entrepreneurship


About mlaopodi

Cultural Manager trying to grasp and share knowledge on how culture can develop through entrepreneurship.

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