Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal

Some time ago, I came across a PhD Thesis by Jenny Fatou MBAYE, a UNESCO African Specialist entitled "Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship: Hip Hop Music Economy and Social Change in Senegal, Francophone West Africa" (LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, London, July 2011). The author speaks about contradictions of the music economy and about the … Continue reading Reconsidering Cultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal

Cultural entrepreneurship: challenges and strategies

Cultural entrepreneurship: challenges and strategies Author: Harald Pechlaner ; Dagmar Abfalter ; Giulia Dal Bò (eds.) [...] This book focuses on the analysis of cultural enterprises in the light of the economic and social changes that are currently affecting many countries and sectors. The deconstruction of traditional value models based on deregulation and globalization, together … Continue reading Cultural entrepreneurship: challenges and strategies