Integral advice for cultural entrepreneurs

I have recently found a very interesting and valuable service offered to cultural entrepreneurs from the Fibicc.

The FIBICC is the “Fundación Iberoamericana de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas”, that is, the Iberoamerican Foundation of the Cultural and Creative Industries. The Fibicc “is a nonprofit institution that promotes training, cooperation and specific research in the fields of culture,art and creativity, in Europe, Latin America and Africa”.

The story behind the Foundation: “We started our activity with a team of young professionals and creative cultural management in a context of economic, social and cultural shift, with the aim to respond to the growing importance of cultural and creative industries in the global economic scenario”. More info here.

The service is named “Integral advice for cultural entrepreneurs” and is described as follows:
“In order to encourage the creation of new projects, creative and cultural entrepreneurship and give support to other medium and large initiatives career in the sector, Fibicc offers support, advice, resources and expertise to those able to innovate and provide valuable insights for both their initiatives and for society as a whole. We pay special attention to networking and joint strategies in the sector, one of the most important aspects for cultural entrepreneurship.
If you have a project idea, you can share it with us through our
We offer customized programs through our comprehensive digital platform for integral counseling in the cultural and creative entrepreneurship, which is divided into the following phases: Fibicc Emprendimiento.”

Unfortunately the link to this first phase (Fibicc Emprendimiento) has an error and leads nowhere, but interested parties can always email them at


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