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African Arts Institute Training Course

The African Arts Institute is organizing on 20 to 29 July 2015 a Cultural Entrepreneurship Training Course in Cape Town, South Africa, as part of the broader African Cultural Leadership Programme, which has been running since 2012 in more than 41 African countries. The call for application is closed but this is an ongoing program so keep an eye on it.

I find it impressive that the course is taking 10 full days and would very much like to know how would professionals come out of it. The Course is designed for “creative business minds who have experience as
cultural entrepreneurs playing an inspiring, creative, innovative role in the cultural and creative industries. It seeks to nurture, mentor and empower cultural entrepreneurs to better their trade in cultural goods and services and at the same time, contribute to sustainable professional networks.”

For more information visit


Marloes Krijnen on the importance of cultural entrepreneurship

Last October 2013, published a very interesting interview with Marloes Krijnen, former director of the World Press Photo and Founding Director of Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.



What caught my attention is her views on the importance of reaching out to a larger audience.

When asked about the secret of success of her museum, she says (I quote):

“I think ‘the secret’ is that Foam is more than our museum at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. We reach out to a wider audience online and offline – through our website, Foam Magazine and our (online) gallery Editions. So a lot of activities and projects take place outside the walls of the museum, through project locations, outdoor and traveling exhibitions. This versatility reflects the Foam mindset to always be flexible, open to new ideas and unexpected combinations.

To give an example, if we are offered a free empty space, we do not think twice and open a pop up store. &Foam now houses Foam Editions, rapidly changing exhibitions and a wide offer of (vintage) photography books. This makes us cultural entrepreneurs, an approach that I think distinguishes us from other museums.”

For the full interview, click here.

Integral advice for cultural entrepreneurs

I have recently found a very interesting and valuable service offered to cultural entrepreneurs from the Fibicc.

The FIBICC is the “Fundación Iberoamericana de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas”, that is, the Iberoamerican Foundation of the Cultural and Creative Industries. The Fibicc “is a nonprofit institution that promotes training, cooperation and specific research in the fields of culture,art and creativity, in Europe, Latin America and Africa”.

The story behind the Foundation: “We started our activity with a team of young professionals and creative cultural management in a context of economic, social and cultural shift, with the aim to respond to the growing importance of cultural and creative industries in the global economic scenario”. More info here.

The service is named “Integral advice for cultural entrepreneurs” and is described as follows:
“In order to encourage the creation of new projects, creative and cultural entrepreneurship and give support to other medium and large initiatives career in the sector, Fibicc offers support, advice, resources and expertise to those able to innovate and provide valuable insights for both their initiatives and for society as a whole. We pay special attention to networking and joint strategies in the sector, one of the most important aspects for cultural entrepreneurship.
If you have a project idea, you can share it with us through our
We offer customized programs through our comprehensive digital platform for integral counseling in the cultural and creative entrepreneurship, which is divided into the following phases: Fibicc Emprendimiento.”

Unfortunately the link to this first phase (Fibicc Emprendimiento) has an error and leads nowhere, but interested parties can always email them at

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