Incubators for Cultural Enterprises

Some time ago, and as I was looking for Incubators for cultural companies, I found an EU funded project entitled “I.C.E. Incubators for Cultural Enterprises“. ICE is a project financed by the MED Programme – a programme of European territorial cooperation for the Mediterranean, integrating its Axis 1: “Strengthening innovation capacities”. The project partners come from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta.





The most interesting information found on the project’s website is a ‘Practical Guide for supporting Cultural Enterprises‘.

“Cultural and creative enterprises are a very particular kind of economic organizations; they could be originated by ideas that often rise from a cultural sentiment associated to a low business content or they could offer sophisticated and innovative solutions but often they are designed only for a market niche; typically this kind of enterprises are composed by entrepreneurs and people that have a professional background very far from managerial approaches.
The Toolkit for Cultural Enterprise Incubators aims to give a contribution in terms of reflection, approach and managerial instruments.”.


About mlaopodi

Cultural Manager trying to grasp and share knowledge on how culture can develop through entrepreneurship.

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