Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #2 culent@athens talk

The day has come for the 2nd Cultural Entrepreneurship talk entitled ‘CULENT@ATHENS’, taking place at InnovAthens in downtown Athens. To get your ticket, follow this LINK. Only a few remaining!










18.00-19.30 Talks

1. Cultural production & Entertainment

Nikos Stefanidis, Cultural events and exhibitions’ organiser, Gaialive

2. Media focus on Entrepreneurship and Culture

Nikos Ververidis, Founder, ΕΛculture

Achilleas Hekimoglou, Journalist, TO VIMA

3. Cultural Startups

George Papadakis, Founder, Filisia
Daphne Tsevreni, Co-founder & Business Executive, ClioMuse
Kostas Matsourdelis, Founder, Gastronomy Museum

4. Nonprofit Vs for profit cultural institutions

Hans Abbing, Visual Artist/Economist, Professor Emeritus in Art Sociology at the University of Amsterdam

5. Venture Capitals for cultural enterprises

Michael Dimitropoulos, Investment Manager, PJ Tech Catalyst fund

19.30-20.30 Discussion with participants

For more info, click here.


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