Cultural Entrepreneurship Intern Job Ad

It’s the first time I come across a Job Ad about CulEnt and I thought it would be nice to share the info in the blog.

Deadline for applications is 4 PM, Monday August 18, 2014. The openings are in Charlottetown, Canada.

Below I copy a part of the Ad and the links for more info:


“Cultural Entrepreneurship Intern
Culture PEI has openings for five Cultural Entrepreneurship Interns. The term of these positions is 12 weeks from the beginning of September to the end of November. These full-time positions pay $12/hour. The location is Charlottetown. Interns must be under thirty years old.

This program is designed for emerging artists and other cultural workers who are skilled at what they do and who are looking to set up a sustainable business based on those skills. The ideal candidate has completed professional arts training and has developed a strong idea for a cultural business but lacks the business skills, connections and support to get that idea off the ground.”

Full Job Ad here.


“If you have questions, you can call Mark Sandiford or Nathan Gill at (902) 367-3844 Please send your application in electronic form to: Nathan Gill, Program Coordinator, Culture PEI,”

Good luck!


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