Creative Startups Accelerator

Creative Startups Accelerator is one of the first accelerator programs dedicated and specialized in people starting or growing their creative business. There is a great wealth of info on the website and most importantly, they are accepting applications until 31 August 2014 for the Fall 2014 Cohort. To check the application, chick HERE.


There is an accelerator fee at $495 per person. More info on what it does/doesn’t include here.

I think that any team that can afford this fee should seriously think of applying because I haven’t come across so far of any similar program dedicated to creative and cultural entrepreneurs. The Mentors’ list is impressive and it includes people like Tom Aageson –  Executive Director of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, Brian Hardgroove – Producer/Songwriter/Bass guitarist of Public Enemy, Alan Webber – founder of Fast Company, Dan Storper – Founder and CEO, Putumayo Music and more.

*My opinion:

There are plenty of programs for tech startups specializing in one or the other field (health, education, farming, big data, etc.), but it is crucial to get guidance from mentors, investors and potential advisors that know your sector [aka arts/culture]! I have recently concluded a founders’ accelerator training program for an online arts platform I am developing, so this is strictly my personal opinion from experience.


Any comments?

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