Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop in the Dominican Republic

The Civil Innovation Lab is running a Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop (Part 2 actually). This is part of a program called Civil Innovation Camp, which is an “immersive program of learning civil innovation by doing in a life-changing journey of 2 weeks with world-class experts on real change-making initiatives in the Dominican Republic, Haïti or Singapore.”

Workshop details:

  • Date: Friday, 22 August 2014 , 2.00 to 5.00PM
  • Location:

*NOT SURE – please confirm with the organizers

Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
República Dominicana
Email address:
Phone: 849.882.4898

  • Cost: US$60

Workshop info here.
Signup form here.



As I’ve read on their website, the “Civil Innovation Lab (CIV) is the overarching organization of a series of initiatives dedicated to transform inefficiencies, bridge gaps, address value creation and connect stakeholders. Our fields of work range from local communities to education and cultural projects, and include information society, disaster relief and social entrepreneurship.”


Any comments?

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