Creative Industries Fund in the Kindom of Jordan

In June 2014, in the Kingdom of Jordan, they saw the launch of Oasis500‘s new investment track, the “Creative Industries Fund“, which will support and invest in artistic and cultural entrepreneurship.


It will be dedicated to all residents in the MENA region focusing on self-sustainable projects in

– industrial design,

– fashion/home goods,

– online media/journalism,

– architecture,

– film,

– music/performing arts,

– digital art agencies/animation, and

– crafts.

The fund will target talented entrepreneurs in all governorates of the kingdom, and aims to help them transform their ideas into fruitful projects that can contribute to the Jordanian economy. This was launched during the “Entrepreneurial Talent Exhibition”, an exhibition which included 20 artistic creations by 20 different Jordanian entrepreneurs

If you are looking for further information, please visit or email them at


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