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How credible entrepreneurs affect cultural goods

I recently found an article at the  Leadership (a Nigerian newspaper) entitled “How Absence Of Credible Entrepreneurs Ruins Cultural Goods” which explains how a post-colonial trade habit in Nigeria diminishes the revenues from cultural goods as the traders are not credible entrepreneurs.

It makes reference to a paper presentation titled, “Cultural Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria’, delivered during the World Culture Day in Abuja, by the President, International Theatre Institute (ITI) Nigeria, Prof. Emmanuel Dandaura.

You can read through here.


The merits of Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa

I have come across an article dating back to 2009 by Peter Musa published by ‘D+C Development and Cooperation‘, a website and a monthly print magazine funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and commissioned by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL.


The article is entitled “The merits of Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa – Becoming active“.

The author suggests African cultural entrepreneurs to embrace an active position as professionals instead of waiting for government support. He presents some great cases of people from Yaounde in Cameroon, Dakar in Senegal, Nairobi in Kenya, Maputo in Mozambique, and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

I keep two interesting points from this article:

– “Today, it is increasingly understood that issues such as political freedom, transparency of government affairs or respect for the law and human rights depend on cultural activities and arts, among other things. Cultural expression is fundamental for social life and has the potential of defining public discourse.”

– “Cultural entrepreneurs are developing festivals throughout Africa. These festivals showcase the continent’s rich performance culture and will increasingly provide the platforms, promising artists need to launch international careers. One must not under-estimate the economic relevance of such festivals. They generate incomes and jobs. Moreover, they contribute to promoting tourism.”

For more info, read here.

Young people urged to join cultural entrepreneurship in Angola

Last September 2013, the “Handicraft Fair of Dondo” took place in Angola, Africa.



In the Agencia Angola Press article, “the governor of the northern Kwanza Norte province, Henrique André Júnior, called in Kambambe municipality, for youth to also join the cultural entrepreneur, thus being active participants in the generation of national wealth and improvement of social conditions of their communities.”

The fair has showcased handicrafts, gastronomy, farmers and publishers and it happened under the motto “Memories and Histories”. For more info, click here.


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