Insight into China’s creative industries

After a break from the culent@athens talks, I am back with great Cultural Entrepreneurship News :-).

I’ll start this week with a new report published giving companies looking to China for new business opportunities valuable information on the country’s cultural and creative industries.

[…] ‘The China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013’ is an overview of China’s cultural and creative industries (CCIs) written by Chinese academics but now available in English to a global audience. It is designed to address the gaps in the existing literature, including policy changes, emerging trends and investment opportunities of the CCIs in China to help individuals, businesses and organizations wanting to compete in this area. The reports provide access to research and critical perspectives on CCIs on an industry-by-industry basis. Areas researched in this first collection include film, news and publishing, broadcasting and TV, animation and games, new media, advertising, fine art and performing arts.

To read the full article, click here.

To buy the report, click here.



Any comments?

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