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Global Cultural Economy new book

An interesting new book on the global economy of culture has come out which might be interesting to explore.

“The book Global Cultural Economy critically interrogates the role cultural and creative industries play in societies. By locating these industries in their broader cultural and economic contexts, Christiaan De Beukelaer and Kim-Marie Spence combine their repertoires of empirical work across four continents to define ‘cultural economy’ as the system of production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services, and to discuss the cultural, economic, social and political contexts in which it operates. The book is written for students, researchers and policy-makers, interested in the creative and cultural industries, media and cultural studies, cultural policy and development studies.”

By Christiaan De Beukelaer and Kim-Marie Spence, Routledge, 2019, 184 pages.

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Cultures and Globalization: The Cultural Economy

Cultures and Globalization: The Cultural Economy (The Cultures and Globalization Series)
Helmut K Anheier (Editor), Yudhishthir Raj Isar (Editor)

“Cultures and Globalization” is a series of publications on exactly what the title says: cultures and globalization. This is the complete series:

This second volume, The Cultural Economy, analyzes the dynamic relationship in which culture is part of the process of economic change that in turn changes the conditions of culture. It brings together perspectives from different disciplines to examine such critical issues as:

  • The production of cultural goods and services and the patterns of economic globalization
  • The relationship between the commodification of the cultural economy and the aesthetic realm
  • Current and emerging organizational forms for the investment, production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services
  • The complex relations between creators, producers, distributors and consumers of culture
  • The policy implications of a globalizing cultural economy

Culture for cleaner economy in China

Weifang World Kite Museum

Weifang World Kite Museum (Photo credit: Pierre Lesage)

The title of the China Daily article is “Culture at center of plan to develop cleaner economy”. In this article published last week, one can read the following information: “Authorities of the ancient city of Weifang said its cultural industry will be the centerpiece of its new initiative to develop an environmentally friendly economy. […] Local authorities want to pass down and rejuvenate the ancient cultures by developing a modern cultural industry around them. […] Because of the government’s emphasis on the industry, more than 4,000 culture-related enterprises have settled in Weifang, and their combined capital totals more than 40 billion yuan. […] The revenues from these enterprises reached 19.45 billion yuan last year, accounting for 4.85 percent of local GDP. […] Currently there are 208 cultural projects under construction, covering such fields as painting, animation, film and video making and software development.

More details on the Wifang cultural economy can be found in this link.

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