Entrepreneurship and creative professions: A micro-level analysis

Through The Cultural Entrepreneurship Group on LinkedIn, I found an interesting Working Paper entitled "Entrepreneurship and creative professions: A micro-level analysis" published by The Open Access Publication Server of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. The paper is authored by Fritsch, Michael; Sorgner, Alina, and presented at ECONSTOR. To download the document, click … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and creative professions: A micro-level analysis

A paper by Arjo Klamer

As I am wondering around the subject of Cultural Entrepreneurship, I have come across Arjo Klamer, from the Erasmus University. His work can be found on http://www.klamer.nl.           I suggest the following reading: a June 2006 paper entitled "Cultural Entrepreneurship" with an interesting insight into the virtues of an entrepreneur. You … Continue reading A paper by Arjo Klamer

REMIX: Culture | Technology | Entrepreneurship

Through the "The Cultural Entrepreneurship Group" on LinkedIn, I found this interesting publication entitled "REMIX: Culture | Technology | Entrepreneurship". It is co-authored by CultureLabel & Guardian Culture Professionals Network. The link to the publication can be found here.