CulEnt for Museum Leaders

As I am looking for institutions and other types or organizations working on CulEnt, I came across 'The Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship for Museum Leaders', located in Cooperstone, State of New York, USA (not NY town). "The award-winning Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship is an immersion program for mid-career museum, preservation, historic site and other arts … Continue reading CulEnt for Museum Leaders


Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #2 culent@athens talk

The day has come for the 2nd Cultural Entrepreneurship talk entitled 'CULENT@ATHENS', taking place at InnovAthens in downtown Athens. To get your ticket, follow this LINK. Only a few remaining!               PROGRAM: 18.00-19.30 Talks 1. Cultural production & Entertainment Nikos Stefanidis, Cultural events and exhibitions’ organiser, Gaialive 2. Media … Continue reading Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #2 culent@athens talk

Cultural Entrepreneurship in India

I came across Aditya Mukherjee's new book entitled Boomtown and as Murali D explains in the interview with the author, this is "...a story of food, friendship, romance, and the adventure of entrepreneurship, with four friends coming together for starting a restaurant chain". The interesting part about this interview is when the journalist ask the … Continue reading Cultural Entrepreneurship in India