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CulEnt for Museum Leaders

As I am looking for institutions and other types or organizations working on CulEnt, I came across ‘The Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship for Museum Leaders’, located in Cooperstone, State of New York, USA (not NY town).

“The award-winning Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship is an immersion program for mid-career museum, preservation, historic site and other arts and culture professionals designed to introduce business applications and principles of entrepreneurial thinking with the goal of expanding vision and leadership skills.”

ICE is an annual program for which professionals can apply every year by May 1st. It trains museum professionals in creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. It is a four day intensive program which brings museum professionals from all walks of life to ICE.

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Join us today in Athens, Greece for the #2 culent@athens talk

The day has come for the 2nd Cultural Entrepreneurship talk entitled ‘CULENT@ATHENS’, taking place at InnovAthens in downtown Athens. To get your ticket, follow this LINK. Only a few remaining!










18.00-19.30 Talks

1. Cultural production & Entertainment

Nikos Stefanidis, Cultural events and exhibitions’ organiser, Gaialive

2. Media focus on Entrepreneurship and Culture

Nikos Ververidis, Founder, ΕΛculture

Achilleas Hekimoglou, Journalist, TO VIMA

3. Cultural Startups

George Papadakis, Founder, Filisia
Daphne Tsevreni, Co-founder & Business Executive, ClioMuse
Kostas Matsourdelis, Founder, Gastronomy Museum

4. Nonprofit Vs for profit cultural institutions

Hans Abbing, Visual Artist/Economist, Professor Emeritus in Art Sociology at the University of Amsterdam

5. Venture Capitals for cultural enterprises

Michael Dimitropoulos, Investment Manager, PJ Tech Catalyst fund

19.30-20.30 Discussion with participants

For more info, click here.

Cultural Entrepreneurship in India

I came across Aditya Mukherjee’s new book entitled Boomtown and as Murali D explains in the interview with the author, this is “…a story of food, friendship, romance, and the adventure of entrepreneurship, with four friends coming together for starting a restaurant chain”.



The interesting part about this interview is when the journalist ask the author “what is cultural entrepreneurship?”. I quote this answer from the article below:

[…] “The term cultural entrepreneurship applies to the creation of any product or service that primarily targets our tastes, and that is an expression of our tastes, whether it’s our taste in fashion, movies, music, stories, games, cuisine, or opinions. A newspaper is part of media; but I’d say a magazine like People or Vanity Fair would be part of the cultural industry.

What we have to understand is that culture, more than almost any other industry, is almost always in the private domain; only in very unfortunate countries is culture significantly done by the public sector. So, culture is produced by private individuals who spend effort creating it, marketing it, and try to make a living by selling it. These industries are well set, though most run on low margins and the companies involved are primarily small, and universally cash-strapped. So, culture is a hotbed of entrepreneurship.” […]

Read the full article here to see how the author explains how is Cultural Entrepreneurship spreading in India.


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