Reporting on Cultural Times report

Like many other professionals, I read a whole lot of reports and studies on the 'Cultural and Creative Industries' as many policy makers like to call what we do. I recently read one that names our field the 'Cultural and Creative SECTOR'... what a relief! So I decided to give a resume of the Cultural … Continue reading Reporting on Cultural Times report


@Diversity winning ideas

On August 23rd 2013, I had published a post about the "@Diversity project" which is an initiative funded by the European Union. The @diversity Idea Competition was launched in May 2013 and inspired more than 660 individuals and institutions from all EU Member States to get involved. More than 250 ideas were put forward for … Continue reading @Diversity winning ideas

Network of Creative Living Labs

Through the European Creative Industries Alliance webpage, I found a very interesting info: "Five organisations of the South Western Europe have joined forces to launch an innovative project called 'Crealab – Network of Creative Living Labs in the SUDOE Area'. The initiative was officially presented on 17 September in Lisbon, Portugal. The project, supported by … Continue reading Network of Creative Living Labs