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Strengthening entrepreneurship through policies and strategies

Through the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Programmes of the UNESCO, I came across the Technical Assistance in Cultural Governance project that took place in 2012 in Barbados as one of the selected missions. Following three calls for applications by the Programme, Barbados, the City of Buenos Aires, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Niger, the Seychelles and Viet Nam were chosen to benefit from technical assistance missions. The technical assistance missions took place between December 2011 and December 2012. The EU has provided funding for this project that directly implements the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural expressions which it strongly supports.

© Miguel Angel Reyes Solis, EU-funded UNESCO technical assistance mission to Barbados

© Miguel Angel Reyes Solis, EU-funded UNESCO technical assistance mission to Barbados

The specific mission had as a goal to “support the Government of Barbados in developing entrepreneurship strategies and policies in the field of cultural industries”. The results can be found on this link. The selected international expert that undertook the mission was Andrew Senior, of Andrew Senior Associates Ltd who is an expert in the creative economy.

Programmes like these are I guess very helpful in understanding the full potential of a regional sector and I hope that they are further enhanced by assistance from Entrepreneurship Experts in order to empower cultural entrepreneurs to start/pursue their ventures and implement their strategies in a proper business environment.


Eurobarometer special survey on “Cultural access and participation”

This week, the Eurobarometer has published a new report on “Cultural access and participation”.

eurobarometerWhile trying to figure out some of the important findings of this report, I tried to compare between the different countries, one of the reasons EU citizens consume less cultural products: lack of money.

Below are my comparisons from the data given by the Eurobarometer service per country. I have focused on question “2. BARRIERS TO ACCESSING CULTURE” and in particular, on the answer “Too expensive” given for not being involved in specific cultural activities. The results are interesting yet rather expected considering the devastating results of the economic crisis on the European societies.

As it turns out, cultural consumption is “Too expensive” for most of the activities for Greeks, Hungarians, Spanish and Portuguese among other Europeans. See the results below.


Network of Creative Living Labs

Through the European Creative Industries Alliance webpage, I found a very interesting info:

“Five organisations of the South Western Europe have joined forces to launch an innovative project called ‘Crealab – Network of Creative Living Labs in the SUDOE Area‘. The initiative was officially presented on 17 September in Lisbon, Portugal.


The project, supported by the INTERREG IV B SUDOE Programme of the European Commission intends to promote the creation of new products and services in the interaction between creative industries and traditional sectors of the economy through a living lab environment. Enhancing cross-sectorial collaborations and creative spillovers is the final aim of the initiative, with a view to stimulate the economic, social and cultural development of the involved regions.”

When the project website will be available, I will post it under the funded projects page info.


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