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Declaration of the Organization of American States 2014

The 4th annual edition of the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Inter-American Meeting took place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and was concluded on August 13, 2014.


Ministers and senior officials with responsibility for Culture from 23 OAS member countries took part in the two-day meeting, as well as representatives of the private sector, academia, civil society and high-level experts.

[…] “This year’s edition of the OAS gathering ran under the theme “Cultural Interdependence in the Context of Globalization”. […] In the Declaration, the cultural authorities committed to working with partner ministries, the OAS and other concerned institutions to establish the Citadelle Cultural Cooperation Program, which will “offer training opportunities and cultural exchanges for young entrepreneurs working in the area of development of cultural products and services.”
Furthermore, they pledged to “exchange experiences and support public policies that encourage cultural entrepreneurship, the development of systems related to improving the capture of data and measurement of the contribution of culture to the economy, and the design of cultural programs that contribute to the development of local communities with social inclusion and innovation.”

Strengthening entrepreneurship through policies and strategies

Through the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Programmes of the UNESCO, I came across the Technical Assistance in Cultural Governance project that took place in 2012 in Barbados as one of the selected missions. Following three calls for applications by the Programme, Barbados, the City of Buenos Aires, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Niger, the Seychelles and Viet Nam were chosen to benefit from technical assistance missions. The technical assistance missions took place between December 2011 and December 2012. The EU has provided funding for this project that directly implements the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural expressions which it strongly supports.

© Miguel Angel Reyes Solis, EU-funded UNESCO technical assistance mission to Barbados

© Miguel Angel Reyes Solis, EU-funded UNESCO technical assistance mission to Barbados

The specific mission had as a goal to “support the Government of Barbados in developing entrepreneurship strategies and policies in the field of cultural industries”. The results can be found on this link. The selected international expert that undertook the mission was Andrew Senior, of Andrew Senior Associates Ltd who is an expert in the creative economy.

Programmes like these are I guess very helpful in understanding the full potential of a regional sector and I hope that they are further enhanced by assistance from Entrepreneurship Experts in order to empower cultural entrepreneurs to start/pursue their ventures and implement their strategies in a proper business environment.

Resonance blog: “Haiti, Development Opportunity?”


It’s unlikely there’s a more tarnished place brand in the western hemisphere than Haiti’s. Beset by political instability and then disaster, the words ‘Haiti’ and ‘tourism’ sound about as compatible as ‘oil’ and ‘water’. But after facilitating a visioning workshop in Port au Prince for the Ministry of Tourism and Groupe IBI/DA this past week, we think Haiti just might be the Caribbean’s next great development opportunity.

To be sure, there are monumental challenges to overcome. Popular media has entrenched our view of Haiti as being desperately poor, but it is rich not only in culture but in creativity – its artisans produce stunningly original work in a variety of media from metal to papier mâché. While Haiti may be off the resort industry map, it’s on trend and well positioned to cater to a new generation of travelers interested in more engaging experiences than the typical sand and sun, drop and flop Caribbean getaways. […]

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